Lecce: San Matteo



The Cathedral
In 1659 the bishop Luigi Pappacoda set the first stone of the new religious building, that rose on the area of that one more ancient (1230) demolished for his will. Joseph Zimbalo, entrusted architect, completed the construction in 1670, but many years were needed before the insides were completed.
The church, on a Latin cross plant , has three aisles with side chapels, an ample transept with chapels to the extremity of the arms and the apse flanked from other two chapels.
Church of S. Croce
The construction of the church crosses three well separate phases: from 1549 to 1582, year of the consecration, the realization of the inside of the church happened on a project of the architect Gabriele Ricciardi, the second phase (1606) has seen the realization of the three external portals, of the most greater altar and of that of S.Francesco of Paul (1614). The third and last phase coincides with the completion of the superior order (1614).
Among the works, Jesus's Bambino statue created by a teacher of leccese papery and the painted which represents S.Cataldo of the XIX sec. by Alexander Calabrese, have been settled in the left part of the sacristy.
Church of S. Irene
Completed on April of the 1639, the building has an elegant and stylistically composed referable façade derived from schemes in use in the '500 Roman, there are Corinthian columns, sculptures, coats of arms, drip edges and decorative motives in stone are made by two overlapped orders. In the center among two Corinthian columns, the plastic nucleus of the portal is surmounted by the statue of S. Irene (ancient protectress of the city), by Mauro Manieri (1717).
Church of S. Chiara
Monachal convent up to 1866 the building had been built since 1687 to 1692.
The prospectus of the church is preceded by a brief stairway; garlands, frames, decorations and medallions and an ample trabeaziones contribute to fill empty and to act from links between the first one and the second order of the portal.


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